Viasa Fund, established in 2001, is a private equity fund, located in Hong Kong. Total portfolio is about US$ 53 million, investing mainly in long/short equities of U.S. and Hong Kong stock exchanges. Thanks to Chinas bull market, the fund has generated an annual ROI of 22.6% during 2002 -2007, but the fund has suffered loss of about 21% in 2008.

The portfolio includes US$12 million of M&A fund targeting small-medium enterprises with growth potential and positive cash flow. Investment horizon is 2 to 5 years, with IPO or reverse merger as the most likely exit strategy.

Since inception, Viasa and its financial partners have acquired 9 enterprises valued over US$28 million in total considerations. The business models included electronics manufacturing and distribution, equipment leasing, Internet data vendors, telecommunication operator and online distance learning.


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